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     This is why long term investing in the traditional "buy and forget about it" mentality just doesn't work. In just a few days in 2008, many "buy and hold" portfolios were set back to the same value they held 12 years earlier. That's a 0% gain over 12 years!

     Stock market crashes are not as predictable as some gurus advertise. However, you can still protect yourself if a flash crash happens and surprises you. The most important strategy to avoid a crash is setting a stop loss. If your attitude is right and you withhold emotion and pride, then you will have no problem selling a stock for a small loss and moving on.

     Not even the best traders are 100% right. Sometimes the stock will not do what indicators suggested it would. Take the small loss, but don't sit on the stock waiting for it to go up as it crashes. Follow this simple rule and you will avoid taking a big loss in any stock market crash.

     This seems to be difficult for investors who are in love with a certain stock. It's fine if you love it. Buy back in when it rallies back up, but don't let your favorites burn you.

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